NFT's Digital Art: The New Paradigm

NFT's Digital Art: The New Paradigm

NFT's Digital Art: The New Paradigm


NFTs a world to remember

Non-fungible token. A digital token piece of data stored in the blockchain making it technologically unique. A transaction is registered in an online ledger. Every exchange is recorded. The validation is made by several randomly chosen machines. If one fails to validate the transaction, the exchange won't occur. This is a simple way to present it. Several protocols have emerged and they offering more and more transactions per seconds and storing more transactions per blocks.

How is this stuff can become the new paradigm for the art world ? By answering the question that many artists are trying to achieve by exposing their production in art physical art galleries or handling their marketing over to specialists. This is answering to the question of how to reach my audience and fan base? " Artists are certainly sure that someone will understand their piece of expression"


Direct Engagement of Fans

NFT buyers are directly in contact with the creator. No more intermediaries, or if there's any, it is limited to marketplace where people can technologically connect in the easiest way. From social networks, artists publish their work and showcase it to the world. This funnel takes people to their NFT token. People buy it. After that, they get the digital art and for some best offers the physical art is sent by post later after the exchange.

Artists can build their own audience, be in contact with them meaning of a true human exchange. Artists can invite their fans to events and have a full control on their image. Will artist need to learn more about the digital world?

Some are selling backgrounds for people to start they own NFT and get inspired. Use it as a base and then build around it. The world of photography and graphic design is not easy to sense. This is an opportunity for you to start your own creations.

What happened to our world ?


The Ancient World Ownership Model

In the ancient world, artists would be recognized but having several intermediary people handling the trade of their creation. You already know some creators that have become popular only after they passed away, don't you?

In the ancient world, any art is easily reproductible...Copying art, with time, has become an art by itself....Another issue, is that some arts are studied by experts who can't really authenticate the person behind the master piece. 

Now you can create your own NFT collection, have your own NFT store, link your NFT to a service rendered or make your art available in online virtual worlds (metaverse type).

NFTs are tied up to their creators technologically. No more issues of authenticity. Artist can set a percentage of royalties that will be forwarded to their wallet automatically, after every single transaction. Every time one sells it to another person or organization, the set royalty percentage goes to the art designer.

Will you be part of the beginning of this revolution ?


Early adopters

You've heard about NFTs probably because you are aware of the story of jpg pics selling millions of dollars. The early adopters are part of people who already had involvement with the cryptocurrency world. They had made some profits and used their surplus to try produce this new risky asset. Risky, because it was new and people needed to be educated about it. The world has been stopped for 2 years, you probably had to stay home as well, hadn't you? People immersed themselves into the online world and started to study how to make another income coming from some new exotic assets. The interest around NFT has grow, and we have observed record sells in the first 6 months of year 2021. This not yet adopted by people. You still can be part of the first horde. Early adopters are know as being part of the people who believed in projects and could get the most of it. "most profits, more enjoyment, more systems created around for passive income stream".

The doors for digital artists are now open. Any human have something to provide!


Artist to Digital Artist

Your master piece or daily creation being digitalized in the form of a jpeg, png or other file format. Pictures or videos. With or without hidden gifts addressed to people purchasing them from you. NFTs linked to the DeFi (Decentralized Finance)? Holding your asset in a pool in order to get rewarded with some other tokens? is that yet possible? We will observe how things are gonna evolve in the near future. 

Paradigm-shifting moving us from the past antiquities to the new borderless world.


The future of art

NFTs for digital contain consumers and publishers. People will be wearing their virtual reality glasses and showcasing their collection or using NFTs to decorate their paralleled earth. Famous people will be entering in this market and sell their own NFTs. Not only celebrities but also big labels, organizations and brands.

Just image a brand releasing a limited edition item authenticated by an NFT. Do you see the potential of it now? 


NFTs Market Type

Very strong barriers of entry exist. The first being illustrated by the hardness to understand how the technology works.

This article: talks about music creators who might be able to generate this awareness around NFTs and action the mass adoption of this new technology. But this is not limited only to musicians, you can be cooking amazing dishes and turn them into an NFT, so cooking artists are in the scope too. Think wider and include sculptor artists, painting artists, photograph artist, sewing or clothes maker artists... there is not any real limitations...


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NFT's Digital Art: The New Paradigm

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