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Unleash the Flavors of Japan with this Unusual but Tasty Dessert: Azuki on Ice.


A friend of mine (flatmate) just left for a long holiday overseas. In the fridge, his sweet Azuki paste (if you don’t know what it is: Sweet Red Japanese Beans Wikipedia ). He works in a top notch Japanese restaurant and got some for us at home. So it should be good but looking at it, your first impression is YAK! Hahaha!

I initially wanted to buy some mini pancakes and simply put the Azuki paste in it. But I decided to change a bit and try something new. Maybe not for you but for me it was the first time.

My colleagues who are Japanese and Korean suggest me to have it cold. But I had to come up with a recipe.

I went to the supermarket and bought some cookie ice cream, some frozen blueberries and some whipped cream.

My friend told me before leaving that I had only 7 days to use it, otherwise, it would have to chuck it in the bin. (Nope!)

My weird dessert name: "Azuki on Ice"

Dessert Receipe

  1. I tasted it at first, it was deeeeelicious!
  2. Then built a 3 cm high flat layer with the Azuki beans.
  3. Followed with a 10cm layer of cookie ice cream.
  4. Dressed it with some whipped cream.
  5. Finally I sprinkled some frozen blueberries on top.
  6. Got my spoon and went front top to bottom, A HUGE PORTION DIRECTLY IN THE MOUTH!!

WOW!! It was sooo good!

Easy Unusual Desserts Number One !


The fun fact is that it is not only my pallet which enjoyed it but also my friends ones as I had shared it in 3 bowls. Everyone was amazed by the mix!

Today I am looking back at that moment and looking at the pics I realized how "not delicious" or "not special" my pictures looked like. It doesn't reflect at all the taste that I've had experienced.

What is yours? Give me some hints for next time. how to would you make it better?


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Unleash the Flavors of Japan with this Unusual but Tasty Dessert: Azuki on Ice.

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