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What is needed in order for someone academically unqualified to be as successful as someone academically qualified?

What are the qualities needed to have a successful career ?

Some academic qualifications are actually impossible to avoid but for all of the other ones, so let’s say: “you don’t want to become a doctor of medicine or a lawyer...”, you can:

  1. Choose your path and know what you want to do.
  2. Start a project, planning it and building it.
  3. Learn as you go and use number 4. just under to know what you need to learn.
  4. Read Work Descriptions and Job Postings to know what you need to focus on. If they need it that means that their business is making profit thanks to those skills.
  5. Don’t be afraid to transform your project into a business. Just Jump! You are honest so don’t be scared!
  6. Try to be qualified to be well rounded. In some case you will need to get the access to some licenses which will require you to be qualified or get in touch with professionals and delegate the work to them.
  7. Think in a systematic way. Create systems for everything. Be super organized and create a week schedule with tasks of things you need to do, things you need to think of, put some time to disconnect from your success obsession also ;)
  8. Basically, all above, even the academically qualified person will need it.
  9. So, Change Your Mindset! Today the experience is more important than the qualifications unless you want to be a Doctor of Medicine or Lawyer... then there won't be any shortcuts.
  10. Good Luck! HO NO! I forgot the the most important point: it is not about luck! It is you who is the responsible of your success. Accept that idea so will become someone finding solutions to problems and moving forward!

I hope the next answers will be having more sources or books to read, but if you see my story, you will understand that I didn’t like studying initially… Read About itHow is Good Academic Records important?

Is education the key to success ?

You need to know who is answering you so:

  • Know that I don’t like reading but prefer watching videos to learn
  • That I had no choice but forced myself to read because I wanted to change and red only what was technical and touching the skills that I wanted to get. So no literature or other romances, but more, Futures Trading, Sales Psychology, Marketing, Video making, Photoshop, Persuasive writing, Communication, Geology (tectonic movements, volcanoes…etc…)..and more.
  • My best technique: I just become a 7 years old person and learn as much as I can without any stress or deadline. And, what I want to learn only. I love it!
  • I pay every year a little bit to keep learning. I have a budget for my personal development. It makes the daily life also more exciting specially when after few years you see the fruits that you get from it!


Academics shouldn't be a wall for your success.
Maybe you will get inspired by one of those lines to start if you can picture yourself in any of the points of this article.

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What is needed in order for someone academically unqualified to be as successful as someone academically qualified?

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